1-click Set Up

Squeeze complex integrations to one click

JUMP A RUNNING TRAIN and let us create 1-click set up templates your customers can copy and continue with.

ONBOARD CUSTOMERS FAST with pre-defined integration templates. Skip multi-step integration tutorials.

Top reasons to work with us

No more endless tutorials

Imagine your customers can compress all steps presented in multi-step tutorial with 1 click. Quickly, right, with no extra costs.

API & Zapier app are not enough

Ability to integrate with 2.000+ apps is nice. But your customers need 2-3 fully settled, read-made connections. It's possible.

Goal-oriented development

Discover other services your customers are trying to integrate. Use cases and goals they are trying to achieve.


Integration Platforms Done Simultaneously

Zapier, Integromat, Automate.io or other integration platform Apps build and applied simultaneously

Use Cases & Templates

Let your users to copy & continue with settled scenarios

Data-Driven Product Development Advisory

We watch users behavior to advise you on new integration templates development